Interior Design: Melissa Rodriguez and C&T 

Project Management: Melissa Rodriguez

Photo Courtesy of Crown Perth

 ​​Sky Salon at Crown Perth  |  Victoria Park, West Australia


CCS Alumni Council Member


Melissa grew up in and around design and remodeling. It was only inevitable that she would continue the family tradition incorporating interior design with remodeling.  Throughout her career she has collaborated, consulted and worked side by side with her father, absorbing his vast knowledge in construction and seeing her designs come to fruition.  



DESIGN & REMODELING  |  Melissa's Philosophy

"It's my lifetime of experience...quite literally...that is such an asset to my interior design way of thinking. Since I can remember, our house was always under construction. One room at a time, slowly making its way around the house until 15 years later, the cycle begins again. One of my first memories was when my parents decided to finish the basement. To my sister and I, this was detramental because it was our roller rink, hot wheels track and play room. Our votes didn't count so the basement was going to be for 'grown-ups'. Who needs a drywall lift when you have two girls and some 'T' bars made out of 2 by 's."



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